Jules Cavaillès works

Jules Cavaillès was a well known and talented painter – and very versatile: he worked in oils, gouache and pastel, and his subject matter featured figures, portraits, nudes, still-lifes, flowers, landscapes and animals.
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Productive painter

Jules Cavailles made many paintings, drawings and graphics, he was a very prolific artist who sometimes painted several paintings in one day. We often see the same subject recurring in his work, for example a vase with flowers that he painted several times in almost the same way. It can sometimes even be seen which version Cavailles painted first because in that painting the flowers are still fresh, in the later versions you can see that the flowers wither more and more and that this makes the entire compositions a bit more somber.


Beloved Objects

We often see the same objects in the work of Jules Cavailles. A green vase, a table or an orange vase. Some of Jules Cavailles' favorite things can be seen dozens of times in his work. Also, locations we see repeated many times. A good example is the port of Cannes seen from his apartment at 6 Quai St. Pierre where he stayed in the summer. These paintings, called 'Open Windows', often with boats in the background, are probably the most popular with his collectors. Cavailles also painted his 'Open Windows' in other cities in the south of France, for example in Nice. Cavailles also painted the views from his apartment in Paris. A good example of this kind of work is the painting 'Corbeille de fleurs sur la neige'. Other places in France where he painted are Albi, Saint-Tropez, Marseille, Normandy, Épineuil (close to Chablis) and Mougins. But also outside France, for example in Venice, Rome, and Algiers.


Jules Cavaillès was a versatile artist

Jules Cavailles' work can roughly be divided into 4 subjects: Open windows (often with boats in the background), Still Lifes, Portraits and Landscapes. In addition to being a versatile and active artist, Jules Cavailles was also a good trader, he always knew how to sell his work easily. His work was highly regarded during his lifetime, he had contact with various galleries in the United States and France such as Findlay Galleries in New York, Galerie Juarez in Palm Beach and Galerie Romanet in Paris where he regularly held exhibitions. Much of his work is located in the USA.


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